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Shangri-La Starter Kit

Shangri-La Starter Kit

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Discover elegance with our captivating Shangri-La Starter Kit, showcasing the pinnacle of luxury: the exquisite Shangri-La Tiles, crafted to elevate your gameplay experience. The kit includes:

Set of 4 White Racks and Pushers: Includes four sleek white acrylic racks with attached pushers, providing both functionality and a touch of sophistication to your mahjong table. With a stack length of 18.5 inches, these racks are perfect for accommodating your tiles during intense gameplay sessions.

Shangri-La Tiles:
These versatile tiles seamlessly blend tradition with various styles, catering to enthusiasts of all levels. Set includes:
- 164 Acrylic Tiles
- 1-9 Bams, Cracks and Dots (4 of each) = 108
- N E W S (4 of each) = 16
- Red, Green and White Dragon (4 of each) = 12
- Flowers = 8 (1-4 in blue and 1-4 in pink)
- Jokers = 10
- Blanks = 6
- 1- red 5 bam and crack, 2-red 5 dots (for Riichi Mahjong)- remove if playing American Mahjong 

Pink Mahjong Tile Bag: This Tile Storage bag adds style to your game night. With a zipper closure and the word MAHJONG, you'll never lose your essentials. Its clear bottom section showcases your tiles to your opponents with ease.

Shangri-La Neoprene Mat: This vibrant mat features lively colors - two shades of green, hot pink, and chic navy accents. Designed for quality, it provides a soft yet sturdy surface for your Mahjong games. The non-slip surface keeps tiles secure as you play like a pro. Plus, it includes essential rules for American Mahjong. 33" x 33" neoprene with stitched border

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